Fortnite vs PUBG: Which one should you play?

Fortnite vs PUBG

After the launch of PUBG, it didn’t take it too long to top the steam charts. Many Pro Players started playing and it got insanely popular at Twitch and Youtube.

But Fortnite soon took away the #1 crown after introducing the Battle Royale Mode in Fortnite. Currently, Fortnite leads all the gaming charts and it is the number #1 online multiplayer game currently.

So, why is Fortnite so popular?

One of the biggest reasons for its popularity is its Free to Play and it is available on all devices like PS4, Xbox, Mac, iOS, and PC. SOon, Fortnite will also be available on Nintendo Switch and Android Phones.

Another factor that contributes to its success it the optimization and new content every week. This new content offers new stuff, features, and game modes every week. While the optimization part makes it popular for those users who have a low-end PC.

The ability to build cover and other stuff makes it different from PUBG and adds a new dimension to master.

PUBG vs Fortnite

Here are different factors on the basis of which we are comparing Fortnite with PUBG.


The graphics in Fortnite in cartoonish while the graphics in PUBG are realistic.

Some people don’t prefer those cartoonish graphics, PUBG for you. However, I don’t find anything wrong with the Graphics of Fortnite. It actually makes the game less serious and more fun.

But for some realism, PUBG is the obvious choice.

Available Platforms

As stated above, Fortnite is available on PC, Xbox, PS4, Mac, and iOS. It will soon be available on Android.

While PUBG is only available on PC, Xbox, iOS, and Android.


Fortnite is well optimized for every platform and some users PC users can even run it on Integrated Graphics.

However, the case is not with PUBG. The low optimization and inconsistent frame rate is a big reason why many people don’t prefer PUBG. Even the mobile version of PUBG sometimes struggles on mid-range devices.

However, there are some tools such as GFX Tool that can increase the FPS in PUBG Mobile.


Fortnite is a lot more Fast Paced and even if you go for a win, the game can end in less than 20 minutes. Fortnite involves less camping can fast battles. The Building Mechanism is a key in Fortnite and without mastering both combat and building, one cannot get better in Fortnite.

PUBG has a different gameplay style and it is actually more similar to other Battle Royale Games like H1Z1. The games in PUBG take longer to finish. PUBG also has a bigger map but the vehicles allow traveling from one place to another very fast.

Bugs and Updates

Well, we cannot ignore that both the games are full of Bugs. But we cannot forget that Fortnite is still in its early access. And Epic Games updates the game every week and always works on user feedback.

However, the same cannot be said for PUBG.


Both the games are seriously competitive but with more and more players moving to Fortnite in last 6-8 months, the competition is Fortnite has got harder. Many Professional Players like Shroud and Ninja admit that Fortnite is harder.

The building aspect of Fortnite is actually making it harder for new players. Almost every player coming from some other First Person Shooter or Third-Person Shooter game has some basic skills.

But mastering the building takes time and this is what separates good players from noobs. There’s no doubt that Fortnite is currently harder to play and win.


Both the games have their own Pros. and Cons. and instead of playing one and hating the other, it is better to enjoy both. And if you don’t like one of those, it is better to let others play who like it.

I initially used to play PUBG a lot, but in recent months, I play Fortnite more than PUBG. This is only because I generally don’t get too much free time for gaming and it is not possible to play multiple PUBG games in that duration.